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Scientific Research

UAN is a leader in scientific research activities and as such, we’ve made the tangible and statistical results of our production available on this website.


Partners and Alumni

UAN maintains strong relationships with our graduates and with various Angolan and international organizations.

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Student Association

We exist to defend the rights and interests of Students, and to carry out activities that aim their multifaceted development.

Our Campus

Location and Capacity

The Agostinho Neto University’s campus occupies a space of 20.23 square kilometers. The master plan, developed in 2000 and updated in 2009, is designed to accommodate 40,000 students, has 18,000 residential spaces for teachers, students and staff, and can accommodate 40,000 students. View map.


The campus was designed with a focus on sustainability, being implemented in a semi-sandy area, keeping most of the vegetation untouched. The campus is outlined by an elliptical street with radial streets or “Streets of Knowledge” converging to the central library, the tallest campus building.

Colleges and Spaces

The various faculties of Agostinho Neto University are equidistant from the central library and each include an auditorium, faculty and staff offices, laboratories, and open-air classrooms.

A vibrant Community

With a diverse student body, the sense of community at Agostinho Neto University is broad and unique. Live, work and have fun with students from the 18 provinces of Angola and build prosperous and lasting relationships.


Agostinho Neto University hosts several public and internal events through various organizations including the UAN Student Association, AEUAN. Add the next event to your calendar.


Through various partnerships with national and international organizations, UAN students benefit from immense internship opportunities during and after graduation. See what vacancies we have available.

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